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下载 电影 Veronika Decides to Die 年 2009
+ 稍后观看17+

Veronika Decides to Die ( 2009 )

质量 : BluRay 1080p 带副标题

6.4 的 10平均费率 11,785 用户

Metacritic的: -/100
用户得分: 0 of 10
在线流 带副标题

After a frantic suicide attempt, Veronika awakens inside a mysterious mental asylum. Under the supervision of an unorthodox psychiatrist who specializes in controversial treatment, Veronika learns that she has only weeks to live.

导演:    Emily Young

国家:   USA

主演:    Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jonathan Tucker, Erika Christensen

下载 电影 The Bachelors 年 2017 - مجردها
+ 稍后观看Not Rated

The Bachelors ( 2017 )

质量 : BluRay 1080p 带副标题

6.8 的 10平均费率 3,387 用户

Metacritic的: 54/100
用户得分: 0 of 10
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After the early death of his wife, a mourning father moves with his teenage son across the country for a private school teaching job. Their lives begin to transform due to two unique women, who help them embrace life and love again.

导演:    Kurt Voelker

国家:   USA

主演:    Odeya Rush, J.K. Simmons, Harold Perrineau